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Chef Joe Bussen

Here he is folks! The man that started it all back in 2009 with a grill at a family reunion. From there a spark lit a fire inside and he kept on building more BBQ equipment from scratch. Our local community then caught wiff of his culinary talents and grills, and began to hire him for all sorts of parties and small events. Wanting to dig deeper, Joe was able to get into the Kansas State Fair, and found quick success. Next test was bridal fairs, and thats when things really started cooking. We have now cooked for over 200+ "and counting" weddings to date! This is what some may have called a mid life crisis, but now we kinda have to call it a hobby on steroids, that then turned into a successful full fledge catering business. Joe has kept the business small with the family, and thats the way we will keep it. We are not a large corporate company, so if you call, you get Joe himself! So give him a call and let us help serve you at your next event "small or large"!

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